The "Muchmore" contained in my logo is something not easily definable, but I enjoy trying to do so by resorting to the things I intimately love.

Indeed, I believe in the “porousness” of the creative world, as something that lets it assume the many shapes which colour this world when the field is freed from blocks and constrictions.

I had the privilege to gain experience in the fields of graphic design, communication and teaching, finding on-demand creative solutions for privates and corporations, making storyboards for ads and music clips, illustrating youth books, holding drawing courses open to people of various kind and age, and participating as a live drawer and acting stooge in first grade and second grade educational shows.

I then make myself available for any engagement that requires one or more of these skills, and that provides for the willing to dare – artistically and creatively speaking – in order to realise something original and irreplaceable.

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