I'm Andrea, but friends have always been calling me Sbró.

I was born in Verona (Italy) by the end of the 80's, and I soon strived to take some time for drawing among piles of VHS videocassettes and liquid crystal display videogames. One of my favourite hobbies throughout my childhood was to pause cartoons my parents kindly taped for me, coping from the screen countless scenes featuring talking mice and turtles, knights and samurai.

I graduated in art school in 2006, and I've since then been working as an illustrator, storyboarder and graphic designer for many business companies, receiving in the meantime private commissions for various types of drawings. From 2012 I've been mostly focusing on humorously drawing people's faces, both from pictures and live.

I love travelling, reading, writing, playing drums, ethnical music, oriental thought, serendipities, Michelangelo Merisi's light contrasts, Dalì's surrealism, Dadaists' insolence, Pirandello's dilemmas, puns and creativity in all its shapes.