Well...where to start?

I'm Andrea, and bla bla bla (I already wrote something here and here). 

Yep, I suddenly grabbed some markers and just started doodling here and there. My mother was so good at drawing and painting, and I just wanted to be as good as her! I mainly drew cartoons characters, some of which I enjoyed inventing by myself.

But faces...faces! Been always loving them. Smiling ones, angry ones, disgusted ones and so on. I consider them as book pages...wrinkles as spacings...and scars as exclamation points! I've never stopped putting others' features onto paper.

Until, six years ago, I've been asked to humourously draw some faces in kind of a sumptuous wedding. With frying champagne flutes and stuff. And lotta delicious things to eat. 

It was love. I wanted more. And it was it. I shyly proposed here and there. Online and in sectoral fairs. Been called by more and more people.

And then the street. Place of buskers. Travelling artists, with stainy hands and sweaty foreheads. I had to be among them too. And in 2014 I did this (unfortunately in Italian only).  

And I haven't stopped yet. So much so I decided to have an "almost" serious site (thanks to Ewake Solutions from Verona), and to buy a spaceship

Here you can find:

  • a user area where you can create your own profile in order to engage me or keep updated
  • an interactive map with my current positioning and the one of my next live working sessions
  • a wide range of funny services
  • a blog which will be updated quite often (I'll try to translate my entries in English as many times as possibile, forgive me in advance if I will not always do so) 
  • miscellaneous

Is it a kind of "digital nomadism" I'm tending to? Maybe. Even if, in my case, there's still a lot of analog stuff going on!

Make yourself comfortable and feel free to snoop around: I'm shure somewhere in this site you'll find the right thing for you..! 


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